10 Billion Dollars recovered!
A reason to celebrate and be grateful.  


They say that nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come…well for Crime Stoppers that time has well and truly arrived.

In fact so well that Crime Stoppers, globally, has just passed the $10 Billion (USD) mark in the value of drugs and property recovered from people who have been apprehended by Police, based on information provided anonymously to Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers has assisted in the arrest of more than 800 000 people so far, and helps solve a crime somewhere in the world every 14 minutes!

The information would have been supplied to any of the 1,200+ local Crime Stoppers programs in more than 20 countries around the world.

Mr. Michael Gordon-Gibson, CSI President, said:

“The majority of the people working in Crime Stoppers globally are community volunteers, people who believe that if we all did a little bit in reducing crime in our local communities it would compound to make a BIG difference, well it has, well and truly. Our volunteers work tirelessly to collect information form the public and pass this onto local law enforcement.”

He continued to say:

“The information is provided, anonymously, by telephone, texting and on-line, from people in these local communities, who feel safe in doing so based on the fact that for more than 30 years their identities are and always will be, protected. This is a cornerstone of our operation and over the years other copy-cat organisations have come and gone, but the original and trusted Crime Stoppers organisation grows every year.”

This huge milestone has been achieved shortly after a co-operation agreement was signed by INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble and CSI President Michael Gordon-Gibson after the resolution's approval, whereby the two organisations will work closely with CSI supporting specific Interpol operations in the coming years.

Crime Stoppers International, (CSI), is the umbrella NGO that is operated by a volunteer board of directors representing Crime Stoppers programs around the world.

Crime Stoppers has been in operation for more than 30 years. (Recent stats available at : www.csiworld.org)


There are over 1200 Crime Stoppers programs operating throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Central America, Mexico and many Caribbean and Pacific nations. (www.csiworld.org)


“Here in Canada we have 107 Programs and have achieved a remarkable total of Total recoveries in excess of $3.3 Billion. This success has been achieved one tip at a time and we are very pleased to be part of such a successful worldwide organization.” Says Ralph Page, Chair of the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association (CCSA)

For further information contact:
Peter Price OAM

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eMail: media@csiworld.org




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