Does Crime Stoppers Work?


• Where cases are tracked, it has been found that 97 percent of the cases where Crime Stoppers TIPS result in an arrest, there is also a conviction.

• There are no known cases of retaliation against anonymous tipsters.

• There are many cases where tipsters step forward and testify.

• There are many cases where suspects give themselves up after being featured on Crime Stopper programs in the media.

• In the Central Okanagan, as of October 1996, there have been over 950 suspects arrested, over 1150 cases cleared, over 1.3 million dollars in stolen property recovered, and over 8 million dollars in illegal drugs taken off the streets.

Crime Stoppers International:

Program Statistics as of November 13, 1996

Number of Cases Cleared
Rewards Paid
Property Recovered
Narcotics Recovered
Total Dollars Recovered
Total Prosecutions
Total Convictions
Conviction Rate
Average Amount Recovered per Case Cleared
Average Reward Paid per Case Cleared



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